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Recent Projects

Explore some of our recent work especially revolved about the COVID19 Pandemic that has recently disrupted the way the world economies are running.

Risk Analysis of COVID19 using AI in Low Resource Countries.

A brief.

  • Up to date demographic predictions to inspire governmental and health planning.
  • Powered by strong machine learning models to ensure timely and accurate data.

An Automated Infrared and Thermal Disinfection Unit for HealthCare facilities

A focus on COVID19 mitigation.

With the highly unavoidable laboratory contaminations, this project accounts for fostering the increase in the rate of disinfection rates at health facilities handling COVID19 patients and other healthcare units. It employs thermal and infrared technology at door entries to carry out real time diagnosis of human temperatures within health care facilities.

AI Computing Space

We are providing numerous researchers with sophisticated servers for running tests on algorithms they have conceptualized in a virtual setting which would not be possible with personal computers on which most of them run their work.

  • Fast and Efficienet Processors.
  • Scheduled access to specific servers for computation.
  • AI inspied hackathons for home grown solutions.